3 Most Important Ingredients of Our Pre Workout Drink

Video transcript:

[Snehal] - Rakesh chale workout?

[Rakesh] - Chalna, but if you don't mind apna pre-workout banaegi?

[Snehal] - Okay!

[Rakesh] - Thank You!


[Snehal]: So, Hi everybody!

Let me show you how I make my pre-workout drink.

So, me pehle thodasa paani leti hu and then I use my Aloe, Herbalife Aloe Concentrate and it is very good to smooth your stomach, It keeps you hydrated throughout the workout.

pre workout drink

Then I add my Active Fibre Complex again from Herbalife and what this is: It has a lot of soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, and this is an amazing food for all the healthy Gut Bacteria so it keeps your Gut Bacteria absolutely healthy.

pre workout drink

Then I add my Niteworks.

Niteworks actually has Ll-Argininie so it is very good for your cardiovascular health.

It expands your blood vessels, so aapka workout bahot acha hoota hai because you know all your muscles you know get very nice blood flow.

herbalife niteworks

With this I also like to add some lemon, not only it makes it nice and tangy but lemon has lot of anti-oxidants. Throughout the day we actually like to add lemon in our water, in our Afresh, in our pre-workout drink, we like to add lemon in almost everything that we take.

And that’s how I make my pre-workout drink.

Now I add the excess water, pura hum full kar dege iss glass ko, and this a big glass you know, so this is enough for me and Rakesh and that’s it we are ready for our pre-workout drink and we are ready for our workout.

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