A few centuries ago, India was known as 'Sone ki Chidiya' meaning 'The Golden Bird'.

In the 17th century, India was a major exporter of textiles, spices, pearls, sugar, gems, iron weapons etc.

There was no population explosion, agriculture was rich, we had enough food for everyone.

Also our rich spiritual and philosophical knowledge made us world leaders in practically every sense!

But history took its course.

Multiple Invasions, Famine, Partition...

By the time we got Independence, so much was damaged that it took decades to recover from all the loss.

The biggest loss, I think, was the Dilusion of our Culture & Traditions.

India is the only civilisation who spent over 5000 years understanding Wellness.

That’s how Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation came along.

Indians always knew ‘Health is the Real Wealth’ but what was once the World's Richest Nation is now labelled as a developing country & like every developing country, our focus is on Economic growth. 

The Indian IT sector & the Entrepreneurial Spirit have been pillars of the country’s stunning Economic Growth.

India's future is phenomenally bright but a recent Global Commission of leading Economists found a strong connection between Health and National Prosperity.

If there is one thing that can make India even more prosperous is taking responsibility of one's health.

It's heartbreaking to see our young, dynamic & brilliant Entrepreneurs falling prey to Lifestyle diseases & even early demise. 49% of India's population is Millennials.

They are our Future, including the rest of the population.

Nutrition & Fitness affects our Mood, our Behaviour, our Relationships, our Decision making & our Productivity.

Only healthy individuals can push their limits and make India once again 'The Golden Bird'.

Herbalife Nutrition is celebrating its 40th year around the globe and 20th year in India.

Recent data shows that India has more Hospitals than Parks.

It makes us Proud to be part of a Developing Nation that is doing it's Best for a Common Man to have access to Medicine & Medical Emergencies but at the same time, it is Frightening to know that our Focus is more on Curing the "Illness" than practicing "Wellness" 🧘🏻‍♀

Exercise has become a Luxury on Weekday with Overpacked Schedule & Weekends is all about Malls Food Courts & Indoor Activities rather than Being in Sun for Outdoor Games in Gardens & Parks.

Millions of people have changed their lives with this Premier Nutrition including us.

We are pushing our limits to create Equal Opportunity for everyone.

We need more Entrepreneurs.

Join our Mission of SWASTH BHARAT !!!


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