The Universe is not trying to Break you, it is preparing you for a Breakthrough.

Happiness cannot be Travelled to, Owned, Earned, Worn or Consumed...

Happiness is the Spiritual Experience of Living every minute with Love, Grace & Gratitude.

There was a time when I wanted something in my life to be fixed to be Happy.

At one time it was weight, at the other time it was relationship.

.... then another time it was money!

It was always something external that I wanted to fix to be Happy until I realised that I cannot Control what happens on the Outside.

The External keeps Changing.

By the time we worn ourselves out to adapt to a particular change, it changes again & it seems like we are walking on the egg shells all the time.

And this feeling Drains you, Overwhelms you & completely Bankrupts you from Happiess.

Believe me, Bankruptcy is not when you're Broke Financially.

Bankruptcy is when your Soul is Broke.

When you have No Hope, No Faith & No Fulfilling Relationships & when you Give up on your Dreams...

That's Real Bankruptcy.

I know a lot of Millionaires who are not Happy but I know a lot of people who are Broke but Grateful about whatever they have, whatever they have gone through & whatever they are going through because they understand Life is Happening for them not to them.

The Universe is trying to teach them a Lesson by giving these Challenges.

The Universe is not trying to Break you.

The Universe is preparing you for a Breakthrough. No matter what is going on in your Life right now.

I want you to Look up & take a Deep Breath, Be Grateful for whatever little you think you have & Ask the Universe.

What are you trying to Teach me ???

And I am telling you because you asked the Right Question today.

You'll find a Right answer today. Sending you lots of Love from here!

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