About Us

Snehal decided to be a Herbalife Coach immediately after her Body Transformation in the year 2001. She has been practicing Healthy Active Lifestyle & using Herbalife Nutrition as her Ideal Breakfast since then. She has helped thousands of people to get Healthier & Happier for almost 2 decades.

Rakesh is a Network Engineer by profession. They met in a school reunion. Rakesh fell in love with Herbalife Nutrition & then he fell in love with Snehal. Rakesh had a well paid job in USA, had a great boss, owned a home and had everything needed to live a very comfortable life. But after their daughter was born, he decided to be a full time father. So he quit his job and came back to India to build their Herbalife business Bigger, Better & Stronger.

"We love the time freedom we get with Herbalife Business Opportunity. Today our life is better than our Dreams. We are Business Owners as well as Full time parents. We are National & International Trainers, we travel the world sharing our experience but we started as very ordinary people... Simple People with Big Dreams and a very strong desire to make a difference to the world.

We are expanding 500 Premium Fitness & Breakfast Studios across India where people can Transform their lives and Entrepreneurs can contribute to make the World Healthier & Happier. Join our Mission of Swasth Bharat Mast Bharat."